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GiSPro is the journal for professionals. Whether users, managers, developers, consultants, data collectors, sensor and system developers or academics and researchers, GiSPro is aimed at all those who work in the broad field of spatial data application, management, interrogation, collection and processing.

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What the editor says about the April issue

Remember to turn off your night lights!

In another packed issue, read about how Bluesky's Night Mapper system is providing intelligence for the debate on urban light pollution; the QCumber Smart City platform could unleash city data by combining public and crowd-sourced data; Robin Waters discovers a thriving GI industry in Ireland; and find out how the AGI responded to the European Commission's INSPIRE consultation. Also, Roger Longhorn and Dr David Coleman discuss the mission of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association, the smeSpire project is helping small businesses to exploit geospatial information while Scottish Water has unlocked its geospatial data with an interactive web viewer. Finally, catch up on the latest industry events with reports from the AGI's first "Big Five" debate on Future Cities, GeoInsurance 2014, the GeoForum Lecture and HERE's Enterprise Location Forum.

A new perspective on night lights

Concerns are being raised over the impact of light pollution from our cities. Bluesky's Night Mapper system can provide intelligence for this debate.

Unleashing city data

The authors discuss the challenge of creating QCumber Smart City - an open data platform that combines public and crowd-sourced data.

Future Cities: the big five debate begins

The first of the "Big Five" events proved to be a fantastic start to the AGI's 25th anniversary celebrations.

The INSPIRE Consultation - AGI's response

AGI spells out the challenges and benefits of the INSPIRE Directive in response to a questionnaire from the European Commission.

Promoting SDI implementation at a global level

Roger Longhorn and Dr David Coleman discuss the mission and current activities of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association.

In Dublin's fair city. . .

On a flying visit to attend the plan4business conference, Robin Waters discovered that the GI industry is thriving in Ireland.

Case Study: agile and open when visualising assets

Scottish Water has unlocked the potential of its geospatial data with an interactive web viewer.

INSPIRE Opportunities

The smeSpire project is helping SMEs to exploit spatial information.

GeoForum Lecture

Audience treated to a buzzy and inspiring speaker.

GeoInsurance 2014 Report

Geography comes of age in the insurance industry.

HERE to stay?

Robin Waters reports from HERE's recent Enterprise Location Forum.
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