INTERGEO 2016 – smart geoinformation shaping the future

The world is getting smart. At the heart of these tumultuous changes to our lives, economy and work lies digitalisation.

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Applications in Cadd
Engineering Surveying Showcase

Engineering Surveying Showcase is a unique window into the expertise and applications for the geospatial engineering aspects of Geomatics. Traditionally used in the construction sector, the skills and technology today are finding an expanding range of applications.
Showcase is a twice-yearly publication (April & October) aimed at engineers, surveyors and other professionals working in construction and development. All subscribers to Geomatics World (including RICS Geomatics members) receive Showcase free of charge.
Showcase's mission is:
"To present to industry's customers, clients and employers the very latest developments and applications in technology and techniques."
Includes Showcase 2016 Issue 1 & 2


What the editor says about the Autumn 2016 Issue:

Don't miss our range of informative articles and comparison charts - including Total Stations, Laser Scanners and GNSS Receivers - "Fresh from the Market" pages on the latest industry product releases as well as the Technical Services Chart detailing our classified advertisers' key competencies and services.


Fresh from the market!
The latest innovations in the market place.
3D to 2D and back again!
Plowman Craven’s innovative solution for Crossrail tunnel fitting out.
Gotthard Base Tunnel
World’s longest and deepest rail tunnel completed to line and level.
Drone survey for Ireland’s premier salmon river
UAV beats traditional survey methods.
California high-speed rail route survey
Phenominal accuracy from 30-mile drone survey.
GNSS Update
With Galilleo on the horizon Richard Groom runs a health check on the satellites in orbit.
Mapping transformations
The missing link for 3D positions between GNSS and national mapping.
Drones: what are they good for?
Richard Groom reviews the technology and offers advice for clients.
UAV platforms, sensors, software and service providers
Detailed tables for each category.
Software for Geomatics
Our annual review of software for surveyors and engineers.
Indoor Mapping
For BIM, this could be the next step for 3D interior measurement data.
Technical Services Chart
Our regular detailed listing of survey firms’ capabilities.
Opti-cal Survey Equipment
Leica Geosystems
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