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50 Years of RICS Land & Hydrographic

Personal recollections of military and colonial survey after WWII. Published to mark the 50th anniversary of the former RICS Land & Hydrographic Division, this remarkable record was compiled by Professor Michael Cooper and brings together in one volume the vivid recollections by leading surveyors who served in colonial and military survey in the years after World War II. With contributions by 30 individuals and numerous illustrations (many in colour), this is a wonderfully serendipitous volume for those interested in how survey was conducted before the arrival of GPS and the PC. Includes an illustrated history of the Division, its council members and officers, by Jim Smith.

£9.95 + £2.95 p&p UK

or £7 worldwide

Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Edited by Professor George Vosselman, and Professor Hans-Gerd Maas

A comprehensive overview of the major applications for airborne and terrestrial laser scanning. The focus is on principles and methods with an integrated treatment of scanning technology. Laser scanning is a relatively young 3D measurement technique offering much potential in the acquisition of precise and reliable 3D geodata and object geometries. However, there are many terrestrial and airborne scanners on the market, accompanied by numerous software packages that handle data acquisition, processing and visualisation, yet existing knowledge is fragmented over a wide variety of publications, whether printed or electronic.
This book brings together the various facets of the subject in a coherent text that will be relevant for advanced students, academics and practitioners. Applications considered include engineering, forestry, cultural heritage, extraction of 3D building models and mobile mapping.

£80 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

Applications of 3D Measurement from Images
Edited by Professor John Fryer, Dr Harvey Mitchell and Dr Jim Chandler

This outstanding book reveals through a series of case studies how modern digital photogrammetry is capable of providing dense and accurate spatial data to solve a wide range of contemporary measurement problems and at a diverse range of scales. It outlines key principles and methods associated with modern imaging and puts this into context with other modern spatial measurement techniques, including a full discussion of laser scanning. It will therefore be of major importance to practitioners in a wide range of disciplines who require spatial data and have identified imaging as a tool that could be used.

£70 + £ p&p UK

or £ worldwide

Being an Intelligent Client
Richard Groom

Being an Intelligent Client - a guide to successful commissioning and managing of land and engineering survey projects by Richard Groom.
Published by PV Publications Ltd, (c)2011 ISBN 0 946779 99 6

A simple guide for managers, engineers, architects, surveyors and anyone who commissions or manages survey projects or needs to discover more about survey techniques and technologies such as students and academics.

The author is an experienced chartered surveyor with many years experience working in both the private and public sectors as well as in the UK and overseas.

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Close Range Photogrammetry and Machine Vision

Advances in the last decade have been rapid and we are now well into the era of digital photogrammetry. With chapters from acknowledged international experts, this is an authoritative account of the subject with methodology, algorithms, techniques and equipment necessary for real-time digital photogrammetry described, together with important applications illustrating the flexibility and comprehensiveness of this technique of 3D measurement.

£40 + £2.95 p&p UK

or £9.5 worldwide

Close Range Photogrammetry: Principles, Methods and Applications.
Thomas Luhmann, Stuart Robson, Stephen Kyle and Ian Harley.

An authoritative guide to close range photogrammetry, providing a thorough presentation of the methods, mathematics, systems and applications that comprise the subject. The first comprehensive modern text on this subject in English, it was expanded and updated from the German text by Professor Thomas Luhmann. It provides fundamental mathematics, including orientation, digital imaging processing and 3-D reconstruction methods, presents a discussion of imaging technology and a short overview of photogrammetric solutions for typical applications in engineering, manufacturing, architecture and other fields.

Previously £60

£49.95 + £5 p&p UK

or £17.5 worldwide

Datums and Map Projections

Practical guidance for working with spatially referenced data.

£45 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

Digital Aerial Survey


A comprehensive manual examining the systems available for data capture and photogrammetric processing. It provides an opportunity for readers to apply photo-interpretation, reconnaissance and photomapping techniques to many planning, resource harvesting, pollution prevention, civil engineering, disaster mitigation and containment requirements. 12 chapters cover all the essential topics including GPS, soft-copy photogrammetry, cameras, mountings and control.

£70 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide


George Everest went to India at the age of 16 but within a few years was leading survey parties into the remotest areas of the sub-continent. His passion was geodesy and he soon became Superintendent of the Great Trigonometrical Survey. Drawing on original correspondence archived in India, the book gives a strong flavour of his character both as a person, surveyor, manager, linguist, engineer, astronomer and religious philosopher.

Previously £37.50

£19.95 + £2.95 p&p UK

or £9.5 worldwide

Evidence in Camera

Reprint of an historic account of the rapid development of aerial survey during World War 2, first published in 1945. 48 pages fully illustrated.

£5.99 + £1.25 p&p UK

or £3.5 worldwide

High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery
By Ian Dowman, Gottfried Konecny, Karsten Jacobsen, Rainer Sandau

This is a comprehensive guide to the characteristics and use of high resolution optical images from satellite-borne sensors, concentrating on sensors designed for mapping. It considers in detail the SPOT series of satellites and sensors with a ground sample distance (GSD) of less than 15m, operational since SPOT 1 and particularly the commercial sensors launched since 1999 with GSD of less than 1m. The book explains to students, anyone working in map production and scientists working in fields other than mapping, the way in which high resolution imagery is obtained and the issues which surround its collection and use.

£80 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

Manual of Aerial Survey


A fresh approach which includes soft-copy photogrammetry using desk-top systems, film scanners and direct digital camera inputs such as the Z/I modular digital mapping camera and the LH 'push-broom' ADS 40 camera. Differential GPS, flight management systems, film types, cameras (e.g. LH RC-30, Z/I RMK-TOP), infrared methods, laser profilers, airborne laser mapping, satellite systems, processing and platforms are all covered.

£65 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

Mapping the World

Alastair Macdonald's insider's account of the contribution which Britain made through the Directorate of Overseas Surveys (DOS) in assisting the development and transition from colonies to Commonwealth. The author tells the story through contemporary documents such as field diaries and reports. With abundant human interest in the many anecdotes of a way of life now gone, this is as much for the general reader as for the surveying fraternity.

Previously £14.95

£9.95 + £3.2 p&p UK

or £12.5 worldwide

Maths for mapmakers
Arthur L Allan

Dr Allan was for many years Reader in Surveying at UCL. Essential reference for students on surveying, GIS and mapping course, this is the standard textbook on the topic and has now been updated with a chapter on least squares estimation supported by an appendix on matrix algebra with worked examples.

£40 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

Measuring America

How the United States was shaped by the greatest land sale in history Andro Linklater's superb chronicle of the science, history, politics and geography that shaped the United States of America.

Previously £7.99

£4.99 + £2.95 p&p UK

or £7 worldwide

OS Tales

'One man's part in the re-triangulation of Great Britain'. An anthology of gently humorous stories by Barrie Corlson from the 'Golden Age' of Ordnance Survey in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

£7.95 + £1 p&p UK

or £5 worldwide


The story of land surveyors Plowman Craven & Associates first 40 years in business. Over 100 pages with many rare photos in full colour.

Previously £14.95

£4.95 + £2.95 p&p UK

or £7 worldwide

Principles of Geospatial Surveying
Dr. Arthur L. Allan

This important book replaces the author's highly successful Practical Surveying and Computations and has been completely recast to accord with modern practices of geospatial surveying. Since most practical work is carried out by prescribed systems and processed by software packages, the book concentrates on those essential principles the user needs to know if the results are to be verified and assessed with understanding and wisdom. The text outlines the fundamentals of geospatial surveying including relevant worked examples that make liberal use of Excel spreadsheets. The mathematical treatment relates directly to those topics found in the author's successful textbook, Maths for Map Makers.

£65 + £5 p&p UK

or £7.5 worldwide

The Compleat Surveyor
Willliam Leybourn

A beautiful book, steeped in simple surveying methodology, written with a courteous charm - David Powell

£39.95 + £2.55 p&p UK

or £4.8 worldwide

The Geographic Labourers of Arewa
Edited by Malcolm Anderson

This is the story, edited by Malcolm Anderson, of the Northern Nigerian Survey. Relying on diaries, research, first-hand accounts and details of surveying operations, the work illustrates many hitherto little recorded aspects of the changes and developments that came about during the period of British influence.

£49.95 + £6.4 p&p UK

or £17 worldwide

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