50 Years of Leica in the UK - page 108

Launch of Leica Vector range-finding binoculars with EDM and compass.
Creation of Building & Construction division.
Leica acquires US GPS manufacturer Magnavox.
An upgraded digital level is announced, the NA3000.
The Disto GSI with an RS232 interface is introduced.
TPS range is announced featuring the TC400, TC 500, TPS 1000 and
TC600 instruments. In total the range has nine theodolites and total stations
plus motorised options allowing robotic control. and the TCM range. A
roadshow launch using “multi-media equipment” is a huge success. The Open
Survey World concept is also introduced to ease data exchange between
instruments and office PCs using PCMCIA cards. The software is now
running under Windows.
The TC460 6” total station is announced aimed at builders. Two new
Distos are also introduced, one has RS232 interface; GSI version can measure
to 100m with a target. Also, a pipe-laying laser, the Wild PLA20 (a
development of the Stolz range).
Launch of the dual-frequency Leica GPS System 300, offering P code on
L1 and L2 bands, improved radio links, PCMCIA cards for data capture and
transfer, initialisation on the fly and the new RTK SKI software.
A major upgrade for the Leica LISCAD software is introduced. Version 3
is all Windows based.
Automatic target recognition is now available on TCA 1100 and 1600 range
of total stations. The system uses CCD camera technology to lock onto a prism.
A machine control system for tunnelling applications based on motorised
theodolites that automatically locate the position of a road header tunnelling
machine is announced.
In April the de-merging of Leica Microsystems and the Surveying
Division is announced. The latter is now to be known as Leica Geosystems
under the managing directorship of Mark Concannon.
a laser plummet is launched for some total stations enabling quicker setting up.
Launch of the TPS300/1000 range, the world’s first total stations available
with coaxially reflectorless EDM. Aimed at professional users, they feature
endless drives on tangent screws, dual-axis compensation and laser plummets.
Options include reflectorless EDM with a coaxial beam, motorised,
automated and fully automatic with target recognition.
The second generation Disto arrives, a leap forward in technology that
wins prizes for its design.
Investcorp buys Leica Geosystems Holdings AG.
The Cyrax 2400 laser scanner, developed by Cyra Technologies, is shown
at the World of Surveying event at the Motorcycle Museum. Described as an
“EDM on steroids”, the device will change the nature of 3D data capture for
Upgrades for the Leica GPS range are announced. The new Leica GPS500
System is lighter and features a modular design.The controller and data
storage on the detail pole, known as “Unipole”.
A poll of total station users in a leading UK industry journal finds Leica
top at 37.7% share with the next manufacturer trailing at 24.6%.
The sale of the 1000th Leica GPS system is made in the UK. Marketing
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